Exhibitions Studio House Götze
2017 July Common exhibition with Marlies Rube,  Atelierhaus Götze, NIdeggen May - Sept. Common exhibition with Rainer Arke and Maria Geroldine Dörpinghaus, Nörvenich Castle 2015 November Common exhibition with Dr. Iris Nestler. August “Im Auge des Betrachters” - Exhibition at Kreishaus Düren Kunstspektakel - Crossover of Arts, Aula Carolina, Aachen 2014 December Common exhibition with Dagmar Kürsch and Herb Schiffer March Exhibition with Peggy M.Kanacher and Andreas Bliemel. The Laudatio held Mrs. Dr. Dagmar Preising, Curator of Suermondt-Ludwig Museum and Chief of Couven-Museum, Aachen. 2013 December District government Cologne, The govener Mrs. Gisela Walsken opened the exhibition..  October Exhibition with Professor. Benno Werth and G. Czarnetta. The Laudatio held Mrs. Dr. Dorothea Eimert. Prof. Benno Werth were represented by Mrs. Prof. Dr Gisela Engel- Müllges             May Riyadh/Saudi Arabia, under patronage of German Ambassador H.E. Dieter W. Haller and the Austrian Ambassador H. E. Gregor W. Kössler. Febr. / March Common exhibition of “contrasts” with Helmut Rosenzweig, Haus of the Guest in Heimbach. Not only in the pictures the oppositeness appeared, but also in the two personalities of the artists.  2012 October Common exhibition with Caroline Lauscher.  Fascination in picture and sound. Further information here. Sept. / Oct. Streetgalery Cologne March Russian dental clinic, Wuppertal. The Laudatio held Dr.Auni Dwaik February Common exhibition with Günter Thelen and. Jaap Geuzen /NL. The sneezing legend was accompanied musical by the Oboistin Yvonne Schabarum. January Common exhibition with Christine Wagner in Haus of the guest in Heimbach 2011 November First exhibition in the studio house Götze with Dr. Olive Czarnetta and Winfried Weusthoff. The Laudatio held of  Mrs. Dr. Eimert. The Fagotist Raimund Linzen accompanied the exhibition musical. October Common exhibition with Manfred Küpper and Wolfgang Heinrich (sculptor).  On the piano Felix Curdes. April Common exhibition with MAF Räderscheid and Chris Billing /UK. The Laudatio held the art historian Dr. D.Tölke. The violin player Alan Arif accompanied the exhebition musical. May Common exhibition at the Academy of arts /Heimbach April / May Royal Cultur Center Amman /Jordan   2010 November Exhibition in the city hall Kreuzau, the exhibition open by Mayor Walter Ramm June Studio opening Nideggen and gallery area in the old part of town with numerous visitors. The inaugural address held Karl Hackstein, even a highly gifted artist. First issuing artist was Hiltrud Schieffer with their glass art. September Private exhibition for John Lewis in Cologne (European Union, Member of US-Congress) March /  April Hachenburg, Hähnelsche Galery 2009  November Common exhibition with v. Londen/photograph in Nideggen Oct. / Nov. Common exhibition with Milan Sladek, Hasenfeld in Gallery Dorsel. September Zarzis, Tunisia. Under the patronage of  Dr. Anane, Honorary consul of Djerba and mayor von Zarzis. Aug./ Oct. Third Exhibition in Nideggen May Vienna, Kunstcafe (Artcafe) January The exhibition was opened under the patronage of the german ambassador Dr. Michael Worbs. It was a very successful event. A lot of guests, among them many ambassadors, visited this exhibition. Afterwards I got an interview in the Live TV program "The Weekend Show"
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